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Welcome to the Student Resources Page! We've compiled a list of programs to better help our students throughout their time with DSF. Please make sure to check back as this list will grow and expand over time. If you would like to submit a program to be added to the list, please send us an email at


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DSF Connects is a virtual event that was established in the Fall of 2022 to give students an opportunity to connect with ministries and programs within the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

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Join us for a time of reflection, fellowship, and spiritual connection. For more information on our next event please email

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DSF is excited to offer Spiritual Direction sessions to its students in partnership with certified spiritual directors, who are specially trained in accompanying people on their spiritual journeys. Each session is a one-on-one meeting with one of the spiritual directors listed below (and other spiritual directors who may be added along the way). Each DSF student may meet for spiritual direction once per month; the duration of the meetings depends on the individual spiritual director. The cost for students is $40 per session. DSF is covering all other costs.


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Eligible students pursuing a ministry degree may receive a gift of up to $3,360 from Pension Fund towards your retirement.

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Higher Education & Leadership Ministries (HELM) offers a variety of undergraduate, seminary, M.Div., & Ph.D. scholarships to DOC students.

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Applications to become an NBA Incubate Partner open every year in the spring. Our Partners receive up to four years of access to professional consultants, opportunities for learning, peer support, and grant funding. In a spirit of mutuality, Incubate Partners agree to share the story of their mission with the wider Disciples community and beyond. Together, we expand the church’s understanding of and capacity for health and social service ministry as part of Christ’s work in the world.


BELOVED Compassion Network (BCN) has been teaching and facilitating the Compassion Practice since 2016. Its healing and transforming power has been especially impactful in the lives and ministries of Emerging Clergy and seminarians already serving in ministry.

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