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Friends and Colleagues,

As it supports the formation of emerging faith leaders, Disciples Seminary Foundation (DSF) is seeking an Executive Director who brings the gifts and skills to lead and manage the work of a non-profit foundation, while providing leadership that supports the work of a creative staff and a diverse student population.   Located in Fullerton, CA, the new Executive Director will work with ecumenical and educational partners to provide support to Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and United Church of Christ students as they obtain theological education for leadership in diverse faith communities. 


The Board of Directors is searching for an Executive Director who builds and values relationships with students, staff, the board, partner institutions, and donors. DSF seeks an individual who brings creativity and energy for nurturing a spirit of mutuality that strengthens the mission and vision of DSF and establishes best practices for the continuing growth of this non-profit organization that dates back to 1959. 


The successful candidate brings experience in nonprofit leadership (or other equivalent experience), a theological, educational or related graduate degree, an awareness of the emerging trends and opportunities in theological education and a willingness to live within commuting distance to Fullerton, CA, in order to be present in the DSF office. 


Questions about the position can be directed to:

Dani Loving Cartwright - SHRM-CP

DSF Search Coordinator


cell:  972-345-9514




Disciples Seminary Foundation  

Position Description: EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR


The Executive Director of the Disciples Seminary Foundation leads an institution  created for, and dedicated to, the support of students in theological education for  leadership in diverse faith communities.  

In this role, the Executive Director will:  

∙ Be responsible for fostering relationships with partner institutions, donors, and other stakeholders.  

∙ Provide oversight to all DSF staff, seeking to create a culture in which staff are allowed to fully utilize their skills and abilities.  

∙ Serve as the chief financial agent in managing and forecasting budgets, as well being instrumental in developing fundraising strategies.  

∙ Work closely with the DSF Board to develop and implement a shared vision of Disciples Seminary Foundation.  


A. Required:  

- An awareness of emerging trends and opportunities in theological education. 

- Experience in an administrative position of leadership  

- Theological, educational, and/or related graduate degree  

- Willingness to live within commuting distance of Fullerton, California, and be present where the main DSF offices are currently located  

B. Preferred:  

- Experience in fund-raising and fund-development  

- Ministerial standing in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)  

- Willingness to teach courses or seminars (if invited) by a DSF partner school


Essential functions for the DSF Executive Director include: 

∙ Create and maintain a spirit of mutuality that allows the Board and Executive Director to carry out the mission and vision of DSF.  

∙ Maintain transparency and best practices for fiduciary and other administrative matters which facilitate Board governance, ensuring resources and budgeting are   aligned with DSF objectives.  

∙ Help identify and cultivate major donors in conjunction with other development efforts.  

∙ Communicate regularly with the Board and attend meetings with committees to facilitate short-term and long-term goals and objectives. 

Disciples Seminary Foundation  

∙ Preserve and expand the total assets of DSF.  

∙ Understand and implement best practices for the institution: i.e. DSF policies, legal requirements, compliance as a non- profit organization, etc.  

∙ Serve as the primary spokesperson and public image of DSF representing the ministry throughout the life of church, as well as in ecumenical contexts. 

∙ Possess an awareness of and sensitivity to cultural diversity and the needs of racial/ethnic/and LGBTQ+ students.  

∙ Provide pastoral leadership and presence for the DSF student community and staff.  

∙ Build a network of relationships with individuals and groups who are historically connected to DSF, or have potential to become related to DSF, e.g., alumni/ae, racial/ethnic ministries, regional partnerships, Council of Theological Education of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), United Church of Christ entities, etc. 

∙ Work to strengthen and expand communication opportunities related to sharing news and information about DSF through a variety of media, including print and virtual media.


Salary Range  

The salary range for this position is $85,000 - $95,000 plus benefits of healthcare and pension. 


Equal Opportunity Statement  

“Disciples Seminary Foundation is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunity for  applicants and employees. Employment decisions will comply with all applicable laws prohibiting  discrimination in employment. DSF is committed to being an LGBTQ affirming, anti-racist, and  pro-reconciling Foundation.” (from the DSF Employee Handbook)  

TO APPLY, please send:  

1. A letter of interest  

2. An up-to-date resume or curriculum vitae  

Please note: If clergy, your search and call papers should be updated with the Office of Ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  


SEND these as a .pdf document to: 


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