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To support the formation of emerging theological leaders

To support the formation of emerging theological leaders

To support the formation of emerging theological leaders


Disciples Seminary Foundation offers generous financial support in scholarships for covenanted students at our partner schools. All Disciples and UCC students are eligible to apply for DSF financial assistance (this includes both residential programs and hybrid-online programs). Contact us for more information and we can help you find the best match for you.

Connections to the Wider Church

DSF students are active and involved in the local, regional, general, and ecumenical church. We encourage DSF students to attend regional assemblies, the Disciples’ General Assembly, and the Disciples Seminarians Conference. Many of our students also participate in the regional or general church through committees, task forces, conferences, mission trips, and other opportunities.

Spiritual Support

In addition to the financial and networking benefits of being a DSF student, we also understand that studying and ministry are hard and that spiritual growth is important. DSF is a community of around 50 Disciples and UCC students, as well as more than 800 graduates, supporting each other as we follow God’s calling.

Our Mission

To support the formation of emerging theological leaders

Our Vision

To be a leader in discovering innovative ways to support the development of theological leaders to serve in diverse ministries and communities

Our Identity Statement

In cooperation with ecumenical and educational partners, Disciples Seminary Foundation provides financial and educational support to Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and United Church of Christ students in obtaining theological education in preparation for a variety of ministries

Core Values (of the Institution)







DSF has been supporting theological leaders since 1959. Click here to learn more about DSF's history.

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