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Transformation in your Church and Community

Is your church TRULY inclusive?

Webinar from April 30, 2019


Pastor Brandon Robertson


Rev. Sandhya R. Jha

Transforming your Community in 10 Steps that Anyone Can Do

Webinar from May 15, 2019

Instructors (L-R):

  • Rev. Dr. Pat Donahoo

  • Rev. Chesla Nickelson

  • Ms. Marilyn Williams

The Status of Women – Global, Local, and Church 

Webinar from April 3, 2019

3 Ways to Get Rid of Destructive Demotivators to Start a New Church 

Webinar from June 19, 2019


  • Pastor Terrell McTyerRev. Dr. José MartinezRev. Sylvia Ramos

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Mission, Peace, and Justice


Rev. Dr. Bruce Barkhauer

Money Matters: The 5 Tools of Financial Freedom for Spiritual Growth 

Webinar from June 13, 2019

Don’t Say the Wrong Thing: What You Need to Know about Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence

From July 11, 2019


Courtney Armento


  • Brian Frederick-Gray

  • Chrissy Stonebraker-Martinez

  • Kristen Walling

  • Rebecca Littlejohn

Why Women are Essential to Peacemaking: 5 Ways to Promote Female Peacemaking 

From July 8, 2019


Jinsuk Chun (천진석)

제자회신학재단은 선교와 평화 교육을 위해 무엇을 하고 있나? 
What is DSF doing for mission and peace education?

From July 12, 2019

LGBTQI+ Faith Life

Robin Knauerhase,


LGBTQI: Deciphering the Alphabet Soup (especially if you’re too embarrassed to ask)

Webinar from Tues. Oct. 9, 2018

Eric Smith,


Can Paul Be An Ally? Reclaiming the Apostle from Misogyny and Homophobia

Webinar from Thurs. Oct. 11, 2018

Worship and Congregational Life

Rich Voelz,


December can seem blue, especially for those experiencing reproductive loss

Webinar from Dec. 3, 2018

Rev. Lori Tapia,


Five Ways OH Can Help Your Church

(PS…not sure what OH is? Time to find out!) 

Webinar from Feb. 27, 2019

Earthquakes, Floods, and Fires:

4 Practical Steps to Prepare your Church For Disasters You Never Saw Coming 

Webinar from Mar. 5, 2019

Rev. Caroline Hamilton-Arnold,



Rev. Belva Brown Jordan 

5 Ways to Engage Music as a Spiritual Practice in your Communities

Webinar from May. 28, 2019

Scriptures Studies

Eric Smith,


Can Paul Be An Ally? Reclaiming the Apostle from Misogyny and Homophobia

Webinar from Thurs. Oct. 11, 2018

Interfaith Relationships

Christians Becoming Better Jewish Allies After the Tree of Life Tragedy

Webinar from Nov. 12, 2018

Rabbi Sara Abrams & Dr. Wil Gafney,


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