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5 Secrets to Authentic & Effective Social Media for Your Church 

Webinar from August 2019



Rev. Dr. Katy E. Valentine


This training is turning into a course "Social Media for Churches"! Join us Monday through Thursday on Sept. 16-23 with Katy Valentine. At the end of the two weeks, you will have clarity on WHO you post for, WHY you post, and WHAT to post with a one week social media campaign ready to go -- that you can replicate with ease for the future so that YOUR Gospel message reaches exactly who it is supposed to reach. Sign up for only $97 (that's just $12 an hour) for the course at

Not quite sure yet? Watch the 1 hour free training and you can put some tools to work right away.

Social Media is vital for communication in today’s world – including churches (and church related organizations). Many churches stay away from social media because it feels “icky” or inauthentic BUT you an actually social media messages that communicate authenticity. Everyone knows the statistics for mainline churches today that are on the decline; social media is one way that you can be pro-active and share the Gospel message that you know the world needs to hear.


This FREE 1-hour training will cover the basics of creating dynamic messaging with a focus on Facebook and Instagram. The content of the webinar will apply to ANY social media platform that you choose to engage with your church.


This is a great training for churches who have never opened a social media account or those who want to improve the social media campaigns that are currently in operation.

In this training:

  • Discover the importance of social media for churches so that you can effectively leverage social media to share the love of Christ

  • Move forward with the most important mechanics of social media so that you can seamlessly integrate social media into your ministry

  • Find out why generic posts and pictures aren't enough so that you can get clear on exactly what you SHOULD be doing


Get equipped with the right social media platforms so that you are not wasting a lot of time!

Bio: Katy E. Valentine is the Director of DSF Discover, and she is an avid user of social media. Katy has a Ph.D. in New Testament, and she loves creating dynamic learning opportunities for communities of faith.

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