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4 Essential Priorities for a Just Peacemaking Church

From Feb. 28, 2020

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  • Rev. Paul Tché President of the Council on Christian Unity

How DO we go about creating a just church? A peacemaking church? Especially in the face of violence and the trouble of our world today? Join Rev. Paul Tché, President of the Council on Christian Unity, to discover the 4 essential priorities for creating a Just and Peacemaking Church. Jesus calls us to justice and peacemaking, and Rev. Paul Tché will show us how to go about making this a reality – transforming our wearinesss into excitement and actionable steps. 

This free training is sponsored by the Mission and Peace Education Program at Disciples Seminary Foundation and hosted by DSF Discover.

BIO: Rev. Paul S. Tché is the President of the Council on Christian Unity where he offers leadership as the ecumenical officer for the Disciples of Christ, representing the church in local, national and international efforts in giving expression to the unity of the church and our oneness in Christ. Additionally, Rev. Tché is currently the co-president of the Korean American Ecumenical Network, a consortium of five denominations working for peace on the Korean Peninsula. 

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