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DSF's Response to the Events in Charlottesville

August 16, 2017


Like so many around the world, we at Disciples Seminary Foundation (DSF) were horrified by the events in Charlottesville this weekend. As an educational institution of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), we rebuke white supremacy, white ​nationalism, anti-Semitism, racism, and fascism, unequivocally. We do not do so lightly, or with caveats.


We affirm, in direct opposition to white supremacy, that ALL people are equally created in the image of God.


Every encounter with evil is an opportunity to confront our own complacency and complicitness. Our church’s history is far from perfect, and far too often our church has been silent. We now choose to do better.


We strongly hold that there is no place for ideologies that desire “racial purity,” “ethnic cleansing,” religious persecution, segregation, discriminatory rules based on differences, exclusion based on gender or sexual orientation, anti-intellectualism, or xenophobia. At DSF, women are respected, Black Lives Matter, members of the LGBTQ community are loved, and people from all over the world, without distinction, find their home.


Jon L. Berquist


Belva Brown Jordan

Dean of Disciples Seminary Foundation, Claremont


Jo Ann Bynum
Director of Student Life, Claremont


Jinsuk Chun

Director of Mission and Peace Education


Jenny Crosswhite

Creative Director


Vanessa Gorski

Director of Development and Marketing


Clarence Johnson

Director of Pastoral Formation, NorCal


Jess Kim

Managing Director

Leah Laird

Director of Initiatives

Kara Markell

Director of Pastoral Formation, Seattle

José  Morales

Director of Pastoral Formation, Claremont

Bentley Stewart

Director of Student Life, NorCal

Laura Jean Torgerson

Director of Education and Mission, NorCal

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